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Control Body

For manufacturer: Olympus AO-ERP P/N: 250005
For Manufacturer: Olympus®Material: Blue DelrinFor Model(s): Model WA50011AAO-ERP P/N: 250005..
For manufacturer: ACMI AO-ERP P/N: 550005
For Manufacturer: ACMI®Material: Anodized AluminumFor Model(s): ACN2, ACN2BA, ACN2T, DUR-8, DUR-8, DUR-8 UltraAO-ERP P/N: 550005..
For manufacturer: Olympus AO-ERP P/N: OLCBRN01
For  Manufacturer:  Olympus®  Material:  Brass  For Model(s):  20 - 190 Series  AO-ERP P/N:  OLCBRN01..
For manufacturer: Olympus AO-ERP P/N: OLRC1802
For Manufacturer: Olympus®Material: AluminumFor Model(s): Most 180 SeriesAO-ERP P/N: OLRC1802(Does Not Fit CF-Q180L)..
For manufacturer: Pentax AO-ERP P/N: PXICBN30L
For Manufacturer: Pentax®Material: Black Anodized AluminumFor Model(s): 30-40 SeriesAO-ERP P/N: PXICBN30L..
For manufacturer: Olympus AO-ERP P/N: OLRC1801
For Manufacturer: Olympus®Material: 303SSFor Model(s): 180 Series Gastro/ColonoscopesAO-ERP P/N: OLRC1801 Product Note: This part can replace the lower control body frame cyclinder on 160 series scopes. Product available late April 2014...
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