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Image Guides, Masks, & Lenses

For manufacturer: Universal AO-ERP P/N: IB1651350
For Manufacturer:  UniversalMaterial:  Estane SheathingFor Models:  AO-ERP P/N: IB1651350..
For manufacturer: Olympus AO-ERP P/N: IB1010690
For Manufacturer:  UniversalMaterial:  Estane SheathingFor Models:  CHFP20, CYF2/3/4/5, HYF1T, P20QAOERP P/N: IB1010690..
For manufacturer: Olympus AO-ERP P/N: IB1010840
For Manufacturer:? ˜UniversalMaterial:? ˜Estane SheathingFor Models:? ˜AO-ERP P/N: IB1010840..
For manufacturer: Pentax AO-ERP P/N: IB1050895CTD
Description: Image Bundle (Coated) - 1.05 x 895 (QA: 0.90), 2/0/0/0, Distal OD: 1.35, Prox. OD 1.78 For Manufacturer: Pentax For Models: FB-15X Material: Estane Sheathing AOERP P/N: IB1050895CTD..
For manufacturer: Storz AO-ERP P/N: IBULTRAVIEW
For Manufacturer:  UniversalMaterial:  Estane SheathingFor Models:  11278AUK Flex-X2SAOERP P/N:  IBULTRAVIEW..
For manufacturer: Olympus AO-ERP P/N: IB0570840CTD
For Manufacturer:  UniversalMaterial:  Estane SheathingFor Models: 3C30, 3C40, BF3C20, DP, F1, Tracheal IntubationTPAOERP P/N: IB0570840CTD..
For manufacturer: Olympus AO-ERP P/N: IG-OY-WA29048A
Twisted Image Guide - Olympus WA29048A -  Ø 1.00 x 550mm 70° 90° FOV    ..
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